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You survived the storm. But did your roof?

Your roof is fundamental to the future comfort, safety and protection of your home. The fact is, damage from a storm – from high winds, water, snow or hail – can be hard to detect and, if not identified and repaired, can lead to years of hassles, headaches and costly repairs.

It is essential that you get a professional inspection of your roof, guttering and siding right away following a storm strike.

Invisible, Invincible Wind

Generally the clues – in the form of loose shingles – are laying in your yard after a tornado, micro-burst or other high-wind phenomenon. But how extensive is the damage up there on the roof? Can the roof be repaired or does it need to be replaced? Let's find out with a free inspection.


Water Finds a Way

Small cracks, divots or holes can draw water into the underlayment or even into the house, causing rot and mold and even structural damage, compromising the future integrity of your home.

Hail on Earth

Whether the size of BBs or golf balls, hail is like little bullets falling on your roof. Sometimes the bullets leave an obvious dip in the shingles. Sometimes the damage is hard to see with the untrained eye.

If you don't document the damage soon, you may miss your opportunity to file a legitimate insurance claim.


Start with a FREE inspection

Before you file an insurance claim, have our qualified inspector take a close look at your property to make sure nothing is overlooked.

We will work with your insurance company to simplify the insurance paperwork and approval process, and help make sure you get the full scope of work you are entitled to.